Is it possible to lead in the mobile industry and have a multiple-phone winning streak? Can a manufacturer keep producing phones that are good to recommend? Well, OnePlus seems to have been able to accomplish this. They must have a strategy that allows them to stay at the top of the market the whole time.

Although the One Plus 7 Pro may be a bit expensive compared to the OnePlus phones, you categorize it with both premium phones and mid-range phones,. If you want a model with an internal storage of 256GB and 12GB, it’s possible with the One Plus 7 Pro. And although that will cost you more $250 more than the One Plus 6T, you can’t compare the two.

One+ 7 Pro

That said, there are still missing features that are hard to let slip. There are not necessarily deal-breakers, but hey, the competition is stiff, and we got to acknowledge that.


                                        One Plus 7 Pro
Weight 206Grams
Dimensions 162 x 75 x 8.8
Screen size 6.67-inch
CPU Snapdragon 855
OS Android 9
Resolution QHD+
Storage 128/256GB
Battery 4000mAH
Waterproof No official rating
Front camera 16MP
Rear camera 48MP + 8MP + 16MP
Headphone jack                      NO



  • Stunning screen
  • Competitive price
  • Speedy performance 
  • Fast cable charging¨
  • Versatile camera array¨


  • No wireless charging
  • No IP rating

Features and Benefits 

Advanced Stylish Display 

Besides the excellent cameras of One Plus 7 Pro that we will discuss later, this is the biggest upgrade of the phone from the One Plus 6T.

The 6.67-inch AMOLED screen is bigger than the OnePlus 6T’s 6.28-inch, and it doesn’t have a notch. 

It also comes with a greater resolution of QHD+ (3,120 x 1,440) with a pixel density of 516 PPI (bye-bye 1080p resolution). And it ensures that you don’t strain your eyes by filtering blue light. 

Besides getting super bright, you can also use it comfortably in the dark as it gets dimmer than other versions.

All said, the feature that has excited many users is probably the super smooth 90Hz refresh rate and display’s zippy. 

Most phones in the industry use a refresh rate of 60Hz, and there is totally nothing wrong with that rate. Most people would care less about having the rate increased as it works perfectly. But once you use a screen like that of One Plus 7 Pro with the 90Hz refresh, you’ll notice the difference. And there is no going back.

With these features, you’re also able to see the photos more clearly when swiping through your Instagram photos and watching TikTok videos. It’s hard to show how much nicer the rate is, so you’ll have to take my word for it. But if you’ve used a Razer Phone with a 120Hz screen refresh rate or iPad pro, then you’ve got an idea of what I’m talking about.

While the refresh rate is lowkey, the favorite feature of most people, many users are thrilled by the fact that the phone doesn’t have a hole punch cutout or a notch. 

So where on earth is the self-camera? To remove the notch, OnePlus chose a motorized pop-up camera as it’s the case with Oppo and Vivo phones. 

For instance, the camera will pop up if your Face Unlock application is turned on or when you’re taking selfies.

Even though the design is a smart idea, there have been questions on its longevity. According to OnePlus, with 150 uses a day, the camera should last for at least five and a half years. That’s a total of 300k movements. 

Another pro of One Plus 7 Pro is its biometric measures. Unlike other phones where they’re slow and unresponsive, OnePlus has improved the screen, and the fingerprint is not likely to fail to recognize you.


With a battery of 4000 mAh, your expectations are obviously high. Well, with the phone, if you let your software keep updating  automatically, you might be a bit disappointed as you may have to charge your phone every evening after a long day. But taking the time to update all the applications helps retain the battery.

When you’re traveling and using dual sim cards, the phone can last a whole day with the latest software updates. Its battery performance can be compared with that of Samsung Galaxy S10, which was put through the same test. This is a huge improvement from when it lasted the same time after moderate tasks. 

That said, as far as the battery battle is concerned, the Huawei P30 Pro is still king. When you run a 1080 p YouTube video at full brightness, OnePlus only lasts for 11 hours compared to the 16 hours of Huawei P30 Pro. All the same, it still beats multiple phones, including the Pixel 3a XL.

It’s also worthwhile noting that the phone does have a fast charge, but it lacks the wireless charging. Even though the latter isn’t fast, it’s very convenient. But to be honest, with the price, we can let go of that issue.


Just as you were hoping, this is a high point for this phone. It comes with two speakers, an oversized one at the top and another one at the top. 

The two are enough to make the entire body of the phone vibrate at maximum volume, but it’s pleasant. 

Unfortunately, the devices don’t have a headphone jack, but that’s compensated with a Bluetooth that has AptX HD. There’s Dolby Atmos onboard too.

So, you can be sure of loving the bass and the clear voice of the phone. 

Software and Performance 

As usual, the rule is: go for an OnePlus and get world-class specs with no compromise. This is still the case with One Plus 7 Pro. The model comes with a storage of 256 GB, 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon 855 processor.

It’s with no doubt a monster and one of the fastest phones in the market at the moment. Other phones share the same chips but have different storage spaces. 

It’s incredibly fast, very capable, and you are sure you won’t have any regrets. 

  • 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme:4,916 (Vulkan)
  • AnTuTu 3DBench: 371,484
  • Geekbench 4 CPU: 3,428 single-core; 10,842 multi-core

If you’re a gamer, then the One Plus 7 Pro is made for you. Playing games is a breeze, and they’ve even added a Fnatic Mode that blocks all distractions and boosts performance. 

The phone uses Android 9 Pie with April 2019 security onboard, with version 9.5 of Oxygen OS over the top. It has the same design and style as Google’s version of Android on the Pixel. It also has logical settings up, consistent application icon designs. It can be easily customized too.

Itis really hard to find any faults as far as the OnePlus software and performance are concerned. It’s stripped down and doesn’t come with a music player. There are a few glitches, though like button flickering, when you drop the notification slightly. The slide-in panel on the home screen is not very helpful. However,you can hack this by using Google’s voice after bypressing the wake key button. Using gesture buttons is an option too, but they can easily misinterpret what you say.

The haptic engine and battery have made One Plus 7 Pro the first android phone to challenge the vibrations of the iPhone. They’re pointed, and it’s pleasant to leave them on and feel all clicks through the OS from camera shattering or typing. It’s wonderful, especially when launching shortcuts menus for copy/pasting, for example.


The OnePlus 7 Pro has multiple cameras. There is a pop-up camera and three more shooters. The cluster of the camera includes an 8-megapixel telephoto lens (f/2.4), 48-megapixel regular wide-angle “main” camera (f/1.6), and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (f/2.2).

One+ 7 pro Camera

The phone’s triple camera setup is the same as other smartphones though the details are a bit different. Despite the main camera having 48 megapixels, it really doesn’t spit out photos with all those pixels. Instead, it uses “pixel binning” to combine all four pixels together for every Pixel and produce a 12-megapixel photo.

The camera offers a closer 3x optical zoom while other phones use 2x like Galaxy and iPhone XS.


Does the glass break easily?

Yes, but you can prevent this by using a bumper phone case

Can I get a refund if the phone is spoiled?

Yes, but you’ve got to observe the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty

Does the phone support 5G?

It will when it’s available.

What is the OS?

Oxygen OS

Customer Reviews

There are so many great things that customers have said about One Plus 7 Pro. A number of them loved the design, especially the size of the screen. The latter is clear, smooth, and very fast. 

They also praised the warp charge that charges the phone within 15 minutes. On the downside, the phone doesn’t come with a wireless charger. The other issue is the glass breaking easily, but this was easily solved by using a bumper phone case.

Generally, many customers recommended the phone.

Final Verdict

One Plus 7 Pro is a great phone. The software that was previously slowing the phone down is now updated. And although the battery doesn’t reach its potential, the 4000 mAh helps keep the phone alive longer.

The one thing that hasn’t really changed is that the phone is still weighty. Other than that, OnePlus phone is always creating superphones with most of the things that you’ll need with great features.

One Plus 7 Pro Review: Bigger and Brighter 1

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