Launched in 2019, the Moto G7 Power is still a popular choice and a solid device for those who are on a budget and yet need a phone with sufficient features for everyday use.

Aimed at those who need a phone with long battery life, the massive 5000 mAh battery that will last up to 3 days on light use is the key selling point of this device. Its large screen is very much suited for games and videos, and for a phone of this price, it has a very reasonable 12MP camera.

In the UK, the Moto G7 Power comes with 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory while in the US, 3GB RAM and 32GB memory. This device comes in ceramic black, marine blue and iced violet.

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Dimension 160.83 x 76 x 9.4 mm
Weight 198 g
Display LTPS LCD, Display size: 6.2”

HD+, 270 ppi, 19:9 ratio (1570 x 720)

Storage options US: 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage, UK: 4GB RAM, 64Gb Internal Storage. Expandable Storage: microSD card support (up to 512 GB)
Software Android™ 9 Pie
Rear Camera 12MP, f2.0, PDAF, 1.25um pixels, LED flash
Front Camera 8MP, f2.2, 1.12um pixels, Screen flash
Battery Non Removable Li-Po 5000 mAh, 15W TurboPower™, 9 hours of usage in 15 minutes of charge, Battery life: Up to 3 days. Charger type: USB-C 15W TurboPower™ charger
Other Features Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 632 octa-core 1.8GHz processor, fingerprint reader, Motorola-exclusive shortcuts


  • Superb battery life
  • Fast charging capability
  • Value for money


  • Bulky
  • Getting used to Moto Actions
  • Issues with connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi

Design and Layout

Let’s get straight to the point. This is a bulky gadget. Its 160.83 x 76 x 9.4 mm dimension, 9.3mm thickness and 198g weight causes it to look and feel rather hefty for a smartphone.

While its weight and thickness is not an issue for everyone, it may be rather inconvenient for those who intend to carry it around in their pocket for daily use. Having said this, its bulkiness is probably its biggest shortcoming and its other features may surprise you.

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The Moto G7 Power comes with a plastic back that feels solid, as well as a thick plastic case for added protection. While yes, the extra casing adds to the size of this device, it also provides some additional grip that is much needed.

As for the layout, the typical Motorola layout is well presented here too. The power button is placed on the right side of the phone, and the volume rocker is above the power button. This may take some time for non-Motorola users to get used to as most android phones have the volume rocker and power buttons on different sides.

Another irregular part of the layout is the headphone jack. Normally on the bottom of most phones, the headphone jack of this device is placed on the top. While this does not really matter in the long run, it does take some time to get used to.

Perhaps one of the best design features is its fingerprint sensor. Located on the rear of the device, the scanner is in the perfect spot. Its perfect position means that Moto G7 Power users will have the convenience of having their finger already over the scanner when they pick up the device.


The display screen for the phone is 6.2 inches, which is the same size as the Moto G7 and the Moto G7 Plus. However, the main difference in the display of these phones is that both Moto G7 and the Moto G7 Plus have a screen resolution of 2270 x 1080, while the Moto G7 Power only has a resolution of 1520 x 720.

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While this is not a big issue, there is a noticeable difference in sharpness when these phones are compared side by side. The screen is actually a decent size for the expected use of playing games and watching videos.

For a budget phone, the display that is offered is more than adequate. Most phones with similar display abilities will cost quite a bit more.

Battery Life

There is no doubt that the best feature of the Moto G7 Power is its long battery life. The non-removable Li-Po battery with a 5000 mAh capacity can easily last through 2 days of frequent fundamental use. This includes plenty of calls, texts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Gmail. If you are a light phone user, the battery will be able to last you up to three days. In addition to this, there is little battery drain when watching videos, listening to music or when playing games.

Another plus is that its 15W TurboPower charging enables this massive battery to have up to 9 hours of usage in just 15 minutes of charge.

However, the long battery life comes at a cost. Compared to Moto G7’s 2270 x 1080 display resolution, the Moto G7 Power has a screen resolution of only 1570 x 720. While this will not cause you to have a pixelated display screen, text and icons are noticeably less sharp.  

Software and Performance

The Moto G7 Power operates on Android 9 Pie and Google’s latest mobile OS. It is a device that switches on pretty quickly when the fingerprint sensor is activated. However, there is a small but noticeable lag when several apps are open.

Another drawback is that this device sometimes has problems in connecting to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connection was frequently dropped and because of this instability, downloads took a longer time and internet dependent apps lagged a little when it was opened.

As with other Motorola phones, the Moto Experience is very much part of this phone. This feature consists of Moto Actions and Moto Display. Moto Actions refer to gestures that are made with the device to unlock certain features.

Although it can be quite useful, these shortcuts do not seem to work consistently. For example, the face ID that is intended to wake the phone often times only unlocks it. One of the more useful Moto Actions is its do not disturb mode, which is enabled by leaving the phone upside down. Another useful element included in Moto Actions is taking fast and easy screenshots by holding three fingers to the screen.

While most of the Moto Actions are reliable, some do not work consistently. For those who prefer not to have this part of the Moto Experience, these shortcuts can easily be turned off.

Camera Performance

The Moto G7 Power has a 12MP camera with a f/2.0 lens. Similar to the Moto G7, the picture quality is quite good. It comes as a pleasant surprise that the camera is able to capture decent, detailed pictures when there is good light.

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Lower lights result in pictures that are slightly grainier, but still with surprising detail. Additionally, because this phone does not try to boost brightness when pictures are taken in lower lights, captured photographs turn out more natural looking.

Pictures are also produced in accurate colors as its white balance is quite good. Considering the price of this phone, the overall camera performance is quite decent and should be good enough for the normal everyday user.


There are three mobile devices that come to mind when contemplating a Moto G7 Power. In terms of having a massive batter, the Lenovo P2 also offers long battery life as well as a great display. However, the downside of the Lenovo P2 is that its long battery life depends on one switch on the power saver. Besides this, the Lenovo P2’s camera offers less features than the Moto G7 Power’s camera.

The Moto G7 Plus is another phone that can be compared to the Moto G7 Power. While its battery does not last as long, the Moto G7 Plus has a better camera and a better design in the sense that it is sleeker and lighter. Both phones are good value for money

In terms of budget phones, the Moto E5 Plus costs even less than the Moto G7 Power. While the Moto E5 Plus also boasts a big battery, the downside of this phone is that its processing power does not adequately support its large screen.

The Bottom Line

This is a mobile device with a battery that will last you for days. With barely any battery drain from watching videos, or playing games it is fitted for long journeys. It charges up pretty quickly and is definitely a device that is suitable for people who need this battery life.

Moto G7 Power Review 5

The downside of the Moto G7 Power is its weight and size, making it quite a cumbersome device to carry around in one’s pocket for day to day use. Another shortcoming is its issue with connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi.

However, this is actually quite a decent phone. For its low price tag, incredible battery life, impressive camera and media playback, this is a device to consider, especially if you are looking for a phone on a budget.

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