If you thought you are looking at the Motorola DROID Pro, then you are so very wrong. What you have here is the Motorola XPRT. It’s almost the same as the DROID Pro only with a few improvements mainly to the hardware. So is it really that different to merit its own name? Let’s find out.

So as mentioned earlier, the design is almost the same to that of the Motorola DROID Pro with some changes here and there. To begin with, the Motorola XPRT comes with a new color scheme. Although still sticking to the dark and business look, its chrome trim is now at the front bezel and the back is now soft touch. As for the buttons and ports, they are the same as its sibling the Motorola DROID Pro. On the top is the power button and the 3.5mm standard audio jack while on the bottom is the mic. On the left you will see the volume rocker and the microUSB port and on the right is the multifunction key.  The focus here is also on the BlackBerry-like keyboard which has been improved in our opinion. The keyboard now extended out further thus making it easier to use. On the back we find the 5MP auto focus dual LED flash camera. The 61 x 119 x 11.7 mm measuring phone tips the scales at 134 grams and comes with a decent 3.1 inch HGVA touch screen.


The Motorola DROID Pro left its mark in some of the hardware too actually. The Motorola XPRT uses the same old 1GHz TI OMAP processor. However, nothing to worry as this processor is fast enough for this phone to run smoothly. It also comes with 2GB onboard memory which isn’t too bad.

The Motorola XPRT has the MOTOBLUR UI running with Android v.2.2 Froyo on the background.  As we have mentioned numerous times before, the HTC Sense UI is going to be hard to beat but the MOTOBLUR is not too bad on this phone either. As most phones now, it has seven homescreens which you can switch between with ease. The custom Motorola widgets are more business looking than Samsung’s TouchWiz widgets but not as cool as the HTC Sense ones. Since the phone tries to attract business users with its BlackBerry-like look, its security features like the 256-bit AES data encryption and remote handle functions will definitely be a focal point. It also comes with QuickOffice Pro that is can be used to edit all variants of the Office documents. Another item worth a mention is the Motorola Phone Portal which can be used to manage all device contents via the USB cord or also through Wi-Fi.

Motorola XPRT as its cousin the Motorola DROID Pro comes with a 3.1-inch screen. These days, displays for smartphones are hardly less than 3.7 inches, thus the phone is definitely not competing in that department. With a 480 x 320 resolution  -which is a far cry compared to the 854 x 480 we are used to seeing on Motorolas – it’s the brilliant touch responsiveness this phone has that makes up for it.

So if you are planning on getting a phone that takes great pictures, Motorola XPRT is not your best bet. The 5MP auto focus camera that comes with this phone produces pictures where the colors and details are a little washed out. In low light scenarios, when the LED flash was expected to perform, it didn’t.  It fails to illuminate subjects well. Adding to that, you don’t get to fiddle around with the controls too much either. Exposure can be manually adjusted and you can choose from a few scenes and effects, nothing more. On the video side of things, you can shoot DVD quality videos although the colors didn’t appear well when played back. Nevertheless, the camcorder did do well when transitioning from light to dark and back to light which has to be one of the highlights on this camera.

So where does the Motorola XPRT stand when it comes to web browsing and connectivity? It comes with 3G and Wi-Fi which is the bare minimum on all phones nowadays anyway. The Bluetooth 2.1+EDR on the phone supports a wide range of profiles, namely PBAP, HFP, A2DP, AVFRCO and OPP. Adding to that is the GPS functionality. This allows you to use apps like Google Maps for instance. The Mobile Hotspot feature is also a really cool thing with this phone. The fact that the Motorola XPRT can use Adobe Flash Player is great because that means you can see everything on the website and not just the lame stuff.

Now we move on the performance of the Motorola XPRT.  We start off by mentioning the mammoth of a battery this phone carries with it. The 1860mAH battery is without doubt going to provide enough juice for all you power hungry users. If you just talk all day – well not all day- you can get up to 8 hours of talk time! Usually in our reviews, we test the battery for average phone usage. On this mammoth though, we went above average use like texting, surfing the internet and making calls a bit more than usual and still got a day out of the battery.  Call quality was pretty good too, as the background noise cancellation was sweet. The speakerphone is worth a mention too, it was loud, clear and just awesome.


Pros and Cons
The Motorola XPRT with its Blackberry-like look will successfully entice business users with its security features. Adding to that is the battery that will be great for really busy people who update their Facebook status every minute.

The camera was a downer. The keyboard was better than the Motorola DROID Pro but it could have been better.


The Motorola XPRT will be a phone loved by business users and Blackberry fans alike. With battery life like this, it’s definitely worth your money if you are one of those users who just need your phone to be with you all the time.

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