In the past, Pixel branding was considered a premium flagship. But, it shouldn’t surprise you that they are now making affordable designs. Google Pixel 3A reserves the ability to expand the company’s customer base since many people will now be able to own a Google device. This is a powerful mid-range handset with great specs, mostly inherited from its former Pixel 3, regardless of its low  price. 

Google has decided to shift its strategy and designed a cost-friendly Pixel that delivers features desired by most phone users. Google Pixel 3A comes with a big screen, good quality camera, and clever software to ensure you own one of the best Android Smartphones. 
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Even though its Snapdragon 670 processor isn’t premium fast, you cannot compare it to its flagship devices. However, this design does not use wireless charging nor having any water resistant capabilities. It has inherited many features from Pixel 3, making it a potential rival. But more to focus on will be discussed in this review. 


Display 5.6 inches, Full HD+ and OLED, 2220 x 1080 with 441ppi density
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, 2.0GHz + 1.7GHz, 64-bit octa-core, && Adreno 615 GPU
Storage 4GB RAM and 64GB
Software Android 9 Pie
Camera Rear: 12.2MP dual-pixel, ƒ/1.8 aperture, 76-degree field of view with

Optical + electronic image stabilization

Selfie camera: 8MP, f/2.0 aperture, fixed focus, 84 degree field of view

Audio Headphone jack, Stereo speakers (one downward facing) and Two noise suppression microphones
IP rating No IP rating
Battery Performance 3,000mAh, 18W fast charging
Dimensions and weight 151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2mm, 147g
Color Just Black, Clearly White, Purple-ish


  • Rich and detailed night mode shoots
  • Fast charge 
  • Google assistant enhances device efficiency
  • High-quality audio with a headphone jack 
  • The most affordable Google Pixel smartphone


  • Slower than its rival Pixel 3
  • The plastic body betrays the boasted premium status
  • No wireless charging

Features and Benefits


If you have held Pixel 3, then Pixel 3A looks quite similar. For instance, the rounded edges, screen corners, two-tone rear design, a reflective top, and matted panel. The most visible difference is the rear glass in Pixel 3, which is not present in its rival. But that still does not beat the budget status of Pixel 3A. 

Camera placement in this brand is also similar to the former; with rear camera and flash all on the left side of the back panel. The power button and volume rocker stay on the right side of the handset. At the bottom of the device, there is a USB-C port for your external connection to a PC. The headphone jack is not a new technology, but for mid-range phones, it only appears in Pixel 3A as a welcoming addition. Google decided that this design will not have two speakers like  its models, so do not expect it to do better than Pixel 3. 

Active Edge was a feature celebrated by the Pixel 3. Well, it is also present in this one. It is an important feature that allows you to squeeze the edges of your device to interact with Google Assistant. Initially, Google Assistant would not be installed in devices as cheap, but now that it has been gifted to Pixel 3A, consider running for this one. 

Pixel 3A has a plastic back. This has contributed to its light weightiness as compared to Pixel 3, at 148g. The phone feels great to use, with a small display that makes every operation one-handed. You don’t have to stretch when the fingerprint sensor is at an appropriate height and the power/volume buttons on the right side. Its dimensions, 151.3 by 70.1 by 802mm, have preceded its high-end forebear, making the gadget bigger.

Google Pixel 3A is for anyone looking into everyday texting, checking emails, and extending their photography skills. 


Google Pixel 3A’s camera is enough reason to boast about it. Although its camera quality is less impressive compared to Pixel 3, the 12.2 Pixels f/1.8 it derives crispy clear images that you will not find from any other mid-range phone this year. However, it lacks Pixel Visual Core imaging chip that is responsible for image processing functionality. This means, there will be no optimization applied when you take pictures. 

  1. It can be annoying for some people, especially those who would want to check the results ASAP after it was taken. It’s not a huge disappointment, after all.

The Pixel 3A comes with various shooting modes, including; Night Sight, slow motion, time-lapse mode, and Photobooth, the likes of the premium siblings. It can pull more light in without blowing the individual items out. 

The front camera comes with a dedicated 8 Megapixels lens power capable of capturing selfies in your leisure times. Even though it does not outmatch its older model, Pixel 3, it is not a serious omission. The older version had a second 8MP sensor containing a wide-angle lens that created a bigger field of view. This is a fun option phone that you can give to your friend or family as a gift.


The headphone jack was a good decision from Google, bringing the best sound quality compared to the Bluetooth option. In the past, jacks were meant for budget phones and not any premium phone. But that is not a minus feature, since no one expects Google to come up with something equivalent, in the future. 

Audio quality can be another big let down for Pixel 3A, especially when you love higher volumes. But, playing music over the speaker is well tuned, with a clean treble to speak and little bass. If you chose it for TV shows dialogue or you enjoy hearing the sound of gunshots in a game is for you. 

Battery Performance

The battery capacity for Pixel 3A is 3000mAh. However small it may look, it’s seemingly better than the former Pixel 3. It can last a full day without disappointments despite your consistent use. You can stream movies, music, and play your favorite game for a long time without breaking the fun. The rate at which the battery loses power is low, giving a 90-minute run on video playback, and an estimated 16% will be consumed. 

The only drawback of this design is the absence of a wireless charger. But, the 18W cable charging is not a bad choice anyway. In an hour and a half, your phone will be fully charged. 


Google Pixel 3A feels fast enough when powered by the Snapdragon 670 Processor. Now that it is aided by the 4GB RAM; it will be difficult to tell the difference if compared to the Snapdragon 845 in Pixel 3. 

Challenges start when you launch a game or active use of the camera. You can take as many photos and videos of your choice, having in mind the device is fully committed to storing up to 64GB of space. Besides, Google Drive will provide extra storage to your media files. 

It is quite unfortunate that this design does not come with google Pixel Visual Core. This will consequently make you wait a little longer before HDR photos finish processing. 

Gaming feels better with Google Pixel 3A than it does with any rival device. 


This is a 5.6 inches screen size, displaying FHD a+ and 2220 X 1080 OLED resolution. It is relatively small, and the fact that it comes with 441ppi, your media will be streaming, giving more details. Although it does not outmatch the former Pixel 3, the screen is adequate for use. If you’re a photo fan, then pay attention to color accuracy.  

You can choose the display option, depending on your needs. For instance, full bright light is recommended for outdoor use. And, night mode can work to your interest. 

The Adaptive settings are appropriate when you want a true-to-life experience. 

Google Pixel 3A


Google Pixel 3A has been praised for its incredible camera, battery life, the Google ecosystem, and the new introduction of the headphone jack. It may not be waterproof, but its spectacular features will make you bid goodbye to any other pricey phone. 


Is 64GB  Memory enough?

That will depend on how much you wish to store in your hand cell; the purpose. Images tend to occupy a big space in the internal memory, so if you are a photo/video lover, you may need to store some of them in the cloud to save on space. However, 64GB is big enough to handle all your stuff. Remember, google drive is free just in case your storage is full.

Is There any slot for a Memory Card?

Well, that’s a NO!

Similar to Apple, Google does not encourage memory cards for their phones. 

Final Thought

If you only wish to spend a few bucks for a premium end phone, then don’t get your eyes off Google Pixel 3A. It is not only the camera that marks the selling point of this engineering but also the display, battery performance, among many other factors that have role-played in this discussion.

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