Samsung had released another environment friendly phone and it’s called Samsung M580 Replenish. Much better from its predecessor the Samsung Reclaim or Samsung Restore it now comes in the shape of a Blackberry. Made from nearly 100% plastic so it’s saving the environment while saving your money and that’s a win – win situation.

The size and the weight of the phone are decent and do not feel too heavy plus the phone comfortably sit in the palm. Dimension for the phone is 123 x 60 x 11 mm and it weights at 116g only. Like a Blackberry, there is a QWERTY keyboard just below the 2.8 inches screen and the earpiece. The left side of the phone is a volume rocker and a hole for lanyard. Right side of the phone is a dedicated camera shutter button and also dedicated voice command button. On top there is a 3.5mm audio jack and also the power/lock button while there is a microUSB port and mic hole at the bottom. At the back are 2 Mega pixel camera and also the speaker grill. Under the back cover is a microSD memory card slot, SIM slot and also the 1160 mHz battery. Pressing the buttons on this phone feels great and tactile. Samsung made the button size just about right. The QWERTY keyboard is not suitable for people with big fingers as they are compact. The whole phone has a solid feel holding it and do not have any creaky or loose feeling to it.


This is an Android Smartphone as well. It comes with Android 2.2.2 Froyo pairs up with 600 mHz processor and also 512 RAM. Navigating through the phone is fluid and the response from the phone is fast. There are many kinds of ID packs that are available for download. ID packs are themes that contain all kinds of apps collected together with widgets, wallpapers and home screen settings. ID packs like Business Pro theme or Essentials and more is available too. Upon Installation these themes automatically reorganizes applications and settings for the phone. However you would find most likely to end up with lots of bloatware or extra applications that you don’t even use. Apart from that it works like any stock Android phone.

Calling quality is good as it has clarity and the earpiece is loud enough but when in loudspeaker mode the headphones will have some muffled sound but overall it’s a good calling experience. Ringtone and vibrate alert is quite weak but still able to notice it.

Screen of the phone is pretty decent and barely visible under the sunlight unless you look directly at the phone. By tilting the phone a little bit will result a washed out screen so visibility is not great. The screen can easily be noticed the pixelated resolution at only 240 X 320 pixels. Brightness from the phone is not too good as well.

Messaging using the Samsung Replenish is almost like using a Blackberry. You can either use the QWERTY keyboard to type but there is a second way. Tilting the phone to landscape mode will have an on screen keyboard. The response from the keyboard is quite fast and experiences no lagging at all. Gmail is available for Google users as well. There is Gtalk on board but you can install additional apps like Yahoo or Windows Live from the Android Market. The phone lacks social networking apps. All it has is Tweetercaster so you have to download social networking apps from the Android Market.

The Samsung Replenish has only a meager 2 mega pixel camera. Picture quality is not so great using this phone as it produces muddy pictures. The colors and contras are all unbalanced and sometimes the picture will get too bright or not bright enough at different situations. Taking pictures outdoors is not well at all with all the digital noise present. Recording video is even worse with serious lagging and also pixelated looks. Audio quality from the recording is sound muffled as well.

Browsing the internet is a good experience. The QVGA display plus a small screen makes words at web pages difficult to read unless you pinch zoom in or double tap to zoom. Scrolling the pages is no problem at all and the response is quite fast. The only thing missing here is that this phone does not support Flash.

The phone has a stock music player and it plays music well with the speaker from the phone. Sound is loud as well with very little distortion only. Video player supports very limited formats because of the low performance processor. It will be able to play Mpeg4 800 X 480 resolution videos. Video playback is smooth but it is available is landscape mode only and portrait mode is not available.

The Samsung Replenish has excellent battery life. After a full charge it can last about 36 hours from occasional phone calls, messaging, web browsing, and also video playback. There is an additional solar back cover that can be bought. After 1 hour under the sun to recharge the power the phone can last up to 20 minutes talk time. Basic Bluetooth v3.0 and GPS is available as well.


Pros and Cons
This phone has covered all the basics for a phone in terms of calling, messaging and battery life. The speaker is loud as well and that is a plus point. Using an environmental friendly phone gives us a good conscious while using the phone.

Camera and video quality is downright terrible as it is. Limited video is supported in this phone plus the display is not so great from this phone as well.


It is a great additional to environment friendly phone users plus it is cheap while offering a decent phone so it’s considerable to own one.

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