Practically everyone has a smartphone these days. Life would indeed be pretty inconvenient without our smartphones. We have all experienced frustrating moments when our phones run out of battery at the most inconvenient of times. 

Our phone experience would be so much better if we could go about our day without worrying about when we would need to charge up our phones. For this reason, one of the factors in choosing a phone is its battery life. 

However, having a big battery might not be the answer. Display screen brightness, certain apps and background services and even spotty service will drain your phone’s battery very quickly. Here we list the best battery life phones for 2020. 

Comparison table for battery life and other specifications 

Name SoC (System-on-Chip) Display Rear Camera Front Camera RAM options Storage options Battery Size
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S


Qualcomm SD 720G 6.67 inches IPS LCD 48 MP, f/1.8 (wide) + 8 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide) + 5 MP, f/2.4 (macro) + 2 MP, f/2.4 (depth) 16 MP, f/2.5 (wide) 4/6GB 64/128GB 5020mAh (supports 18W fast charging)
Moto G7 Power Qualcomm SD 632 6.2 inches LTPS LCD 12 MP, f/2.0 8 MP, f/2.2 3GB 32/64GB 5000mAh (supports 18W fast charging)
Google Pixel 3a Qualcomm SD 670 5.6 inches OLED 12.2 MP, f/1.8 (wide)  8 MP, f/2.0 (wide) 4GB 64GB 3000mAh (supports 18W fast charging)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Exynos 9825 6.8 inches Dynamic AMOLED 12 MP, f/1.5-2.4 (wide) + 12 MP, f/2.1 (telephoto) + 16 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide) + 0.3 MP, TOF 3D (depth) 10 MP, f/2.2 (wide) 12GB 256/512GB 4300mAh (Fast charging 45W, Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging, reverse wireless charging 9W)
Asus ROG Phone 2 Qualcomm SD 855+ 6.59 inch,


48 MP, f/1.8 (wide) + 13 MP, f/2.4 (ultrawide) 24 MP, f/2.2 8/12GB 128/256/512GB, 1TB 6000mAh

(Fast charging 30W)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Exynos 990 6.9 inches, Dynamic AMOLED 2X 108 MP, f/1.8 (wide) + 48 MP, f/3.5 (periscope telephoto) + 12 MP f/2.2 (ultrawide) + 0.3 MP, TOP 3D (depth) 40 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide) 12/16 GB 128/256/512GB 5000mAh (Fast Charging 45W, fast Qi/PMA wireless charging 15W)
OnePlus 7 Pro Qualcomm SD 855 6.67 inches, Fluid AMOLED 48 MP, f/1.6 (wide) + 8 MP, f/2.4 + 16 MP, f2.2 16 MP, f/2.0 (wide) Motorized Pop-up 6/8/12GB 128/256GB 4000mAh (Fast charging 30W)
Moto G8 Plus Qualcomm SD 665 6.3 inches, LTPS IPS LCD 48 MP, f/1.7 (wide) + 16 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide) + 5 MP, f/2.2 (depth) 25 MP, f/2.0 4GB 64GB 4000mAh (Supports 15W fast charging)

Let us check out each of the aforementioned smartphones in terms of what they have to offer other than great battery life. 

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S


          Solid performance

          Brilliant display


          Slow to charge

          Camera is disappointing in low light

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is a phone that delivers a solid performance. Reasonably priced, the Redmi is a beautifully designed phone with good internals and quite a good camera. It is a reliable phone that delivers every time.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 1

One of the best features of this phone is its long battery life. While most Xiaomi phones have a 4000mAh battery, the Redmi Note 9s has a massive 5020mAh battery. With heavy use which would include watching videos and playing games, this phone will still be able to last you through the day. The only downside of this phone is that it takes up to 140 minutes for a 0 to 100% charge.   

2. Moto G7 Power


          Fast charging capability

          Good value for money



          Getting used to Moto Actions

          Issues with connecting and staying connected to WiFi

Released about a year ago, the Moto G7 Power is still one of the phones with the longest battery life. The massive non-removable Li-Po battery with 5000mAh will be able to last you up to 3 days on light use. Normal usage will get you about 2 whole days without having to charge it up. This would include plenty of calls, text, social media and emails. Another plus for this phone is that there is little battery drain when playing games, watching videos or using Spotify.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 2

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As for charging, the Moto G7 Power comes with a 15W Turbo Power charger that enables you to charge up your phone to 9 hours of usage within 15 minutes.

While this phone is rather bulky, and has some issues when it comes to connecting to WiFi, it is a solid device for those who are on a budget and need a phone with sufficient features as well as long battery life. 

3. Google Pixel 3a


          Incredible camera

          Solid build

          Low price


          No water resistance

          No wireless charging

The Google Pixel 3a is a phone that you will not be disappointed with. It’s half the price for a Pixel and thus, no doubt missing some premium features such as wireless charging and water resistance. However, it comes with all the essential features, including a bright and detailed display, incredible camera and amazing software.Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 3

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The Google Pixel 3a has a 3000mAh battery, which is quite small compared to its rivals. However, this phone is actually able to last longer than its counterparts. This is because of its processor which has extra cores devoted to low power consumption.

This phone also comes with a 18w fast charger that will give you up to 7 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging. The only downside is that Google did not include Pixel 3’s wireless charging, but for half the price, that’s ok. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Note10+


          Excellent screen

          Excellent selfie camera

          Rear cameras are a fun addition


          It’s slippery

          Very expensive

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is a big and powerful phone. This classy looking, luxurious smartphone has a 6.8 inch screen with vivid colors and detailed images. Its cameras are excellent and it is one of the best cameras for selfies available on the market.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 4

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One of the best features of this phone is its battery. It can last more than a day with normal use, and a leftover of 20 to 30% with heavy use. Its excellent battery life is supported by Samsung’s power management as well as the default 1080p QuadHD+ display.

Additionally, the 45W charging abilities enables you to charge your phone for a full day use within 30 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ also has 15W wireless charging and 9W reverse wireless charging.

5. ASUS ROG Phone 2


          Clean software

          Great display

          Excellent performance



          No water resistance

          No wireless charging

With mobile gaming on the rise over the recent years, the ASUS ROG Phone 2 is a phone that is dedicated to offer you the best gaming experience. Packed with the latest internal hardware, this device has a 120Hz screen, UFS3.0 internal memory as well as a system that dissipates heat effortlessly. It also comes with a ton of gaming such as a WiGig dock and a Switch-style gamepad. Although it is on the heavy side, its perfect weight distribution makes it feel surprising right when in your hand.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 5

The main reason for this phone being on the heavy side is its massive 6000mAh battery. With a full charge, this phone can easily last you up to 2 days. 50 to 60% charge will you a full day of frequent use. For a phone with a 120Hz screen, this is excellent battery life. Additionally, this phone comes with ASUS’ 30W Quick Charge 4.0 charger that will charge up your phone battery in minutes.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


          120Hz display

          Amazing photos

          5G Speed


          Very expensive

          Camera is a little inconsistent

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big phone. It is a 5G phone with a 6.9 inch 120 Hz screen, a 100x camera zoom and a 40MP selfie camera. However, it also comes with a big price tag. While it is not the best camera phone in the market, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has internal specs that are equivalent to some laptops.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 6

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It has a 5000mAh battery that can last over 24 hours on minimal use. However, battery does drain when using 5G. To make your battery last longer, you can also minimize the use of the 120HZ screen. As for charging, this phone comes with Samsung’s Super Fast 45W charging as well as 15W wireless charging. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a phone that pushes boundaries and it will be the first 5G smartphone for many.

7. OnePlus 7 Pro


          Brilliant display

          Solid performance

          Fast charging

          Pop-up camera


          Costs more than OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a flagship phone that offers many similar features as high-end phones. It has a pop-up selfie camera, and a brilliant display. However, the cost of this phone is more than the OnePlus 6 T. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 7 Pro delivers with a 6.67 inch, 90Hz screen and an improved fingerprint sensor.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 7

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 4000mAh battery which will carry you through the day with ease. You will not have to worry about your phone running out of battery as you carry about your day. The Wrap Charge 30 is able to charge up your phone with super speed. It took only 30 minutes to hit 60% of charge and 1 hour gives about 90% of charge. Just remember to have your charger with you as the OnePlus 7 Pro does not have wireless charging.

8. Moto G8 Plus


          Stereo speakers

          Versatile camera


          Performance is average

          Camera is unable to take wide angle pictures

Part of Motorola’s G series, the Moto G8 Plus is a phone that is value for money. If you are on a budget, but still want all the essential features of a smartphone, this is the phone for you. The Moto G8 Plus comes with speakers as well as a versatile camera system. In terms of design, it has minimal bezel and is water repellent.

Best Battery Life Phones in 2020 8

In addition to this, the Moto G8 Plus has excellent battery management that saves power by dismissing apps that are not in use. Powered by a 4000mAh battery, you will be able to get about 2 days of battery life for casual use. With heavy usage, the battery will still last you the entire day. This would include watching plenty of videos, playing games as well as a lot of social media.

The only downside is that this phone takes about 150 minutes for a full charge using a 15W fast charger, which is quite slow. However, with its low price tag, the Moto G8 Plus is a phone to consider if you do not want to spend too much on your next smartphone.

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Final Thoughts

We see many phones with large capacity batteries launching every week. It’s wise to remember that a big battery doesn’t necessarily mean a long battery life. Other factors such as the display, apps and software will play a role in how long your phone battery lasts. Also, do consider other features that you will need before deciding on the best smartphone for you.

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