Nokia is now seen as the phone manufacturer that is trying to claw its way back into the smartphone industry as it lost some ground to the other manufacturers who took the Android way right from the start. Nevertheless, Nokia 700 is not the phone that is meant to shoulder the burden of turning Nokia’s fate around but is rather meant to be a classy and compact phone. Running on the new Symbian Belle OS, this phone also sports a pretty decent list of specs.  So does this phone have the game to go with its style? Read on to learn more.


The Nokia 700 is said to be Nokia’s most compact phone in terms of cubic inches and that is probably why when you hold the phone in your hands, it feels like you have the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray in your hands instead. Although measuring 4.33 x 1.97 x 0.38 inches means that the Nokia 700 is slightly thicker, but it is actually a tat bit shorter and less wide when compared to the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray. So you don’t have to worry about the size of your hands – especially ladies – as you will have no trouble breezing through this phone with one hand. This phone is compact both in terms of size and weight too as it tips the scales at only 100g.

It sports a 3.2 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display which has a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. Sure, it’s not the biggest screen out there, but as we mentioned earlier, this phone is not looking to grab the spotlight from super sized phones but rather be the small phone that is fit to do big things. Under the screen sits three physical buttons namely call, end and menu. The battery cover is metallic and it comes in various colors that you can choose so that it matches your phone’s chassis. That is one design feature that is going to be loved by those who want style from their phones. On the right of the phone, the phone exudes with class with its chrome-like lock button, volume rocker as well as the dedicated camera key. Sadly though, the buttons are not easily distinguished from the chassis, which can get a bit annoying at times. Meanwhile on the back of the phone is the 5MP camera.

The Nokia 700 is powered by the same hardware as the Nokia 701 as it has the same 1GHZ CPU and also has the 512MB of RAM for extra speed while carrying out various processes on the phone. Although those numbers don’t point towards much these days, but we found it to be enough to power this phone with minor delays that were far and between. Nokia also throws in 2GB of internal memory.

Here we have another Nokia phone that runs on the Symbian Belle OS that is definitely up there with the likes of HTC Sense.  This OS offers you multiple homescreens, a common feature among most Android phones these days, but something that is pretty new with Nokia phones. The Nokia 700 also has widgets that have different sizes. You also have a swift pull-down notification bar that has your connectivity switches. You also get improved apps, both for Contacts and Calendar as you get a much more compact font so you can view more contact details in one page. A great feature since the screen is quite small.

As we already know, the Nokia 700 doesn’t have the largest screen in the business, but rather has a tiny – relative to present screen sizes – 3.2 inch screen. So as you can imagine, typing on the on-screen keyboard can be a bit tough. However, with the Nokia 700, it is comfortable to be held in both the landscape and portrait modes making your typing experience a lot better than you first expect. Adding to that, the distinct haptic feedback you get from the screen also makes you feel pretty good. This phone comes built in with the QuickOffice app so you can view and also edit your office documents on the go. Mobile Adobe Reader also comes out of the box to solve all your PDF needs. Next, with the World Traveler app, you can check your flight schedules while it also gives you unit conversion feature together with local weather reports.


On the front of the phone sits the 3.2 inch Clear Black AMOLED screen which we liked right away as it had good contrast levels and also produced saturated colors. The viewing angles were also great. The screen on the Nokia 700 also sports a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels and when you do the math, it gives you a pixel density of 220ppi which is pretty good. When you move outdoors, you can still make out most of the things on the screen as it is quite a bright screen.

On the back of the Nokia 700 is your fixed-focus 5MP camera with comes with LED flash. From the interface, you can adjust some things like contrast, exposure and sharpness. You can also turn on the face recognition mode. For those who like some effects on their pictures, you do get a few options like Sepia as well as Vivid mode. Moving on to the quality of the pictures taken, we found them to be out of focus and lacking details. Nevertheless, color reproduction was good. The camcorder recorded videos at 720p at a rate of 30fps which made the videos fluid. However, that wasn’t much of a use because there were a lot of artifacts.

Browsing the internet in the Nokia 700 is done using the Belle browser was a decent experience however you can expect some amount of choppiness and lag when you are doing all the navigational controls. Nevertheless, you still get a very own download manager and RSS feed reader which makes up for that. In terms of connection options, it is a GSM phone which has the usual stuff like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio and A-GPS.

When making phone calls, audio quality was great both ways. Our friends could hear us clearly thanks in part to the active noise cancellation feature. This phone has a rather small battery with its 1080mAh battery as it will probably just last you one day with average use.


Pros and Cons
Nokia 700 is truly one compact handset and will win the hearts of many with that alone. It supports various video codec as well.

The camera was a downer on this phone and there is also no front-facing camera.



So for those who are on the hunt for a smartphone but cannot deal with huge sized phones and also like their phone to exude some style, Nokia 700 is definitely the way to go.

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