When the first Motorola RAZR hit the market it was the thinnest Android smart phone ever. That was not the only reason that made heads turn, but it was also the best phone to come out of Motorola’s stables with some amazing specs. Today, the new Motorola RAZR keeps the same brilliantly sleek design to give it the same good looks it used to have with the 2007 model. That’s not the only reason to get the phone, read on to see if this phone interests you.


If you are a person who likes to have a phone that is stylish, then the Motorola RAZR cannot go wrong. It also only measures 5.15 x 68.9 x 7.1 mm. At 7.1 mm, we can’t think of a thinner phone that has graced us with its presence. You might have to check your pocket from time to time to see if the phone is still there as it is not only thin, it’s very light too. Motorola RAZR is also a very strongly built phone as it is reinforced by a stainless steel chassis and the Kevlar fiber back cover. If that isn’t enough to convince you about its built, there is also a nanocoating of water repellent material to withstand water to a certain level. The phone sports a 4.3 inch qHD screen protected by Gorilla Glass and it’s a Super AMOLED Advanced screen too.

The customary four capacitive Android buttons are where they should be, right under the display. Other than that, on the front you also find a 1.3MP camera for all your make up needs as well as video chatting with your loved ones. To give the phone more style, you have Motorola’s name etched into the diamond-cut aluminum accent right at the top. On the left side of the Motorola RAZR is a plastic flap that protects your microSIM and microSD card slots. On the right is where you will find both the power button as well as volume rocker. Although the power button is raised well enough from the chassis, the volume rocker doesn’t get similar treatment much to our dislike.  Meanwhile on the top you have the standard audio jack, microUSB port and microHDMI port. Flip the phone and on the back you find an 8MP auto-focus camera that has its own LED flash. The camera and speakerphone grill pair up to give the phone a slight bulge on the back which you really won’t notice.


Motorola RAZR comes with a 1.2 GHz dual –core TI OMAP 4430 CPU which is phenomenal. The CPU together with the 1GB RAM and PowerVR SGX540 GPU, the phone handles all the tasks you throw at it with so much ease. There is also 4GB ROM for all you install a large number of apps.

The smartphone runs a pretty neat GUI on top of the Anrdroid v2.3.5 Gingerbread. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for this phone sometime early 2012. Motorola has done a great job in terms of giving you some nice 3D effects as well as pretty transitions.  Widgets that are Motorola’s very own widgets can be resized and even more cool, once you resize them, the layout changes automatically so it doesn’t look messy. Social networking is given a lot of importance in smartphones these days and Motorola RAZR does the job pretty well. There is a superb social networking app that puts all your social networking updates in one place plus you look through your posts in nice looking 3D window panels. But for those who can’t wait till they get to the app for their updates, you can actually get your updates on your homescreen with the widget running on your homescreen. The onscreen keyboard is great since the screen is big enough to fit all the keys comfortably. Not only does the phone feel great when used in the multitouch mode, but when you switch to Swype, things are equally great. Motorola RAZR’s keyboard is also sleek with its black themed keyboard.

The phone sports a 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 540 x 960. The screen is new in one way as it does not have the same old LCD make but rather it is a Super AMOLED Advanced screen. So as expected, the cold colors that this screen gives are seen here too. Motorola RAZR’s screen has great viewing angles plus gives amazingly saturated colors. Although the phone uses the PenTile matrix arrangement, we still get a pixel density of 256ppi. However, when you bring the phone outdoors in broad daylight, you will find a little more brightness would have been a good idea on Motorola’s part.


The large screen means you get a good view of what you are going to take a picture of on the screen.  There are however still many keys for you to meddle around with the camera settings. The 8MP camera however produced pictures that had low details. Indoors, thanks to the LED flash, you get some decent photos although pictures might be slightly grainy in really low lit areas. So in our opinion, photos taken on the Motorola RAZR were rather disappointing for a high end phone. Video recording was a downer as well. The detail we got from the videos was just not up to our standards.

Motorola RAZR gives an amazing browsing experience. This is thanks to both the delightful speeds as well as the phone’s super responsive nature. All your navigation can be done very easily as there are no hiccups like lag or whatever. Even with Flash content, the phone still does a brilliant job. Connectivity options on the Motorola RAZR are aplenty as you get the usual A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as DLNA. There is also hotspot functionality to go with the Wi-Fi.

The phone performs brilliantly in the call quality department as there was no interference whatsoever plus voices on both ends were distinct and loud from our tests. The Motorola RAZR also has a giant 1780mAh battery which you have no access to as it is fixed permanently on the back. With this battery you won’t have a problem getting through a day even if you talk a lot more than you think you do.


Pros and Cons
Motorola RAZR keeps it amazing design, plus it is light and thin as well. Call quality on the phone was brilliant. It was also nice to have microHDMI as well as Motorola Webtop features.

Sadly though, the camera was pretty disappointing.


This phone definitely did not disappoint, and the RAZR name will definitely be a household name from here on. So, the Motorola RAZR is definitely a phone you want especially if you are a very style conscious.

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