HTC has released the very phone that has potential to compete with Apple and Blackberry’s latest products. The HTC Inspire 4G is a smartphone packed with the latest Andriod software, and also a great deal of impressive features waiting for you to discover and experiment.

The very first impression of the HTC Inspire 4G is that it is huge. Noticeably, it has a very wide screen, which explains its big size. This makes media viewing easier, as pictures, videos and documents are better viewed on a larger screen. However, surprisingly, its weight doesn’t match its size. Weighing only a mere 164 grams, it is easily held and will weigh down your pockets. The HTC Inspire 4G is definitely not a let-down compared to its predecessors, as the hardware and the designs by HTC always surpass other smartphone brands.

HTC describes this new model as “sleek”, and it definitely is. Its design is so exquisite that some buttons are barely noticeable. The device is dominated by its large display, and the only feature that’s obvious when you look at the front display is the silver speaker, thus giving it a modest yet sophisticated look.

The HTC Inspire 4G is extremely solid and sturdy, as its unibody chassis is made from high quality metal alloy. The slim design of the Inspire 4G makes it a hit among young people, as nowadays “thin is cool”, making it lightweight and nice to carry around. The only drawback is that its size is on the large side, and may not be able to fit in some pockets, causing certain inconvenience.


As you can see, the HTC Inspire 4G comes with an attention -catching large touch screen interface, the norm in HTCs. Its 4.3” Super LCD display works with the WVGA (480 x 800) resolution that is very popular nowadays. The visuals are sharp and detailed with excellent colour contrast. The display is still as clear as ever even with different viewing angles. The back-lit capacitive touch buttons beneath the LCD display screen are very eye-catching. The sensitive touch screen and buttons capture our figure motions accurately, which is worth acknowledging.

It also provides you with an amazing call quality. Normal noises and chatter will not affect the quality of your call. Under normal circumstances, the person on the other side of the line won’t even notice that you are talking on a cell phone. The voice quality is crystal clear. Only very loud or high pitch noises will affect your call. Another plus is that even if the coverage is left with a mere one or two bars, your call will still be put through, which is just the opposite with some other mobile phones, which you’ll be unable to make a call without decent coverage.

The HTC Inspire 4G is equipped with the Android OS browser which fast performance runs unaffected even with multiple windows or tabs. It also provides smooth scrolling, and you can zoom on text or pictures with just a pinch of your fingers. With the HTC Inspire 4G; you can enjoy connectivity services such as 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which all connects perfectly. You can join networks and browse the net wherever Wi-Fi hotspots are available. However, if there is a 4G network, it loads much faster!

The HTC Inspire 4G is the right phone for the avid user of social networking. You can update your status on the go, anytime, anywhere. With Sense UI by HTC, your social activity is not organized by network, but by person, meaning you can see anyone’s site straightaway, without the need of entering the social network first.  Which means if you want to check up on your other half, just tap on his or her name and all their activities will appear before you! Where they are, what are they doing, their latest tweets and Facebook statuses, and even their recently updated photo albums. HTC Inspire 4G also does great in locating your friends on social networking sites, and it doesn’t matter if they are using different or quirky usernames. It has a knack for matching them together.

Good news for workaholics here! The Inspire 4G comes with the Quickoffice app (compatible with Microsoft Office), allowing you to create files and edit saved documents as well. You can also send and receive documents via email or Bluetooth to your superior or colleagues straightaway.

Other thoughtful little details include the desk clock and calendar applications.
The clock displays the current time as well as weather conditions, and you can change between mode and world time using the tabs at the bottom. Alarm clock, timer and stopwatch functions are also included. The calendar app comes with different views that include daily, weekly, and monthly layouts. It also supports multiple calendars, and you can create separate ones for your work and personal life. The pre-loaded Google Maps beta allows you to scroll and pan maps and even view buildings in 3D with the extra touchscreen gestures. It has clearly labelled public transit stops and functions like a mini GPS, by providing directions by vehicle, public transport and also on foot. Other applications can be purchased from the Andriod market.

The HTC Inspire 4G is like a pocket entertainment hub. Its music player is easy to use and even has great sound quality. It doesn’t lag at all when you’re viewing videos, no matter if its mp4 files or YouTube videos. The large screen and multiple viewing angles are a plus in this aspect. The Reader eBook app is also pre-installed and pre-loaded with some classic eBooks, including Jane Eyre, White Fang, and so on.

The HTC Inspire 4G is equipped with an eight megapixel camera and is able to take cystal clear images. The camera also self-focus and take brilliant shots with excellent quality. Though there will be a little delay as the camera focuses, the photo quality is guaranteed. You can also take pictures with the 12 different photo effects that include solarize, distortion, sepia, posterize etc. Not to forget the different modes such as self-portrait, face detention as well as features such as timer, geo-tagging and auto send or upload to your favourite social networking sites. You can also play around with its photo editing features which include basic rotation, cropping and effects such as auto-corrects, antique, glimmer and so on.

It is the norm for smartphones to use up a lot of battery, due to their many applications and features. To combat this, the Inspire 4G has a power saver mode to extend battery life and help preserve your Inspire 4G’s longevity. You can manage the settings when this mode is turned on (default: 15% battery remaining). With the Manage Applications hub, you are also able to track what applications are running and kill those that are not being used actively manually or by Force Stop, which kills them all automatically.


Pros and Cons
The HTC Inspire appears to be a good buy, as it is affordable and more so if purchased with a package. The beautiful large LCD display makes it appealable to all age groups. You won’t need to bring a camera around as its 8 megapixel camera is superb in quality and captures near-professional images. The connectivity services are well equipped and efficient. It includes many convenient and interesting applications and features for you to play around with. It also gives you crystal-clear call quality and a fast performance.

However, a bane is that the size is bigger than normal and can get a bit inconvenient to bring around. It would be better if it included a front facing camera for taking self-portraits and Skype calls. Sometimes, the capacitive touch buttons may be pressed accidentally too.


We here at LatestPhones would definitely recommend the HTC Inspire 4G, as the features are so attractive and the design so captivating. The best part is that is affordably priced. It’s so good that the few banes are even negligible, good enough for you to make up your mind to change to a new phone. And you can be well assured that it will not disappoint you.

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