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The smallest up to date smart phone HP has recently just opened to the market that is the HP Veer 4G. This phone packs a few punches trough speed and functions plus mobility. A positively mind-blowing miniature size phone but still is able to match up with previous HP Palm Pre 2.

About the size of a credit card, the HP Veer 4G is only 84 x 54.5 x 15.1 mm and it weights at 103g only. The design is quite alike the HP Palm Pre except everything is smaller. The front is a 2.6 inch capacitive touchscreen with 320 X 400 pixels. Display colors are up to 262K only. The phone has round edges and with matt finish of the body it’s getting a firm grip to it and a solid feel. Just below the screen is the gesture area where users can scroll trough menus and this is where notification shows when there is a message received. Above the screen is the headpiece and proximity sensor but sadly there is no secondary camera for this phone. There is the QWERTY keyboard appeared when the phone screen slide upwards but due to small and compact design of the phone, this keyboard is also small. There is only a volume rocker at the left side of the phone and the top of the phone there is a SIM card slot and also the vibrate switch. The right hand side however is only a data/charging port. This port can be also use as the 3.5 mm headset adapter to attach to the port. There are magnets at the port to ensure the port is tightly fastened when charging or attaching the adapter. At the back there is the 5 Mp camera and also the speaker grill. The battery used for this phone is 910 mAh and it is built in.


The HP Veer 4G is equipped with 800 MHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM 7230 chipset and built in with 8 GB of memory but usable memory is only 6 GB. Amazingly impressive for such a small phone to be able to work at such blazing speed and could be said the speed of this phone is on par with the previous HP Palm Pre 2. Navigations trough the phone is fluid and responses is very good. Furthermore, the phone comes with HP webOS 2.1. Added feature to the upgrade in software is the stack feature. The web pages can be stacked when drag together which is a much more convenient and a new browsing experience for those who are new to HP phones. There is the “Just Type” feature as well for searching anything for example; music, contacts and the phone will even search locally or online.

Connection to the internet is at HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps only so it’s not as fast as the 4G network would be. This phone supports Flash 10.1 so you can watch videos online. The screen is 2.6 inch so viewing blog or websites can be quite difficult but thankfully there is still pinch to zoom function available so you would find yourself pinch zooming quite often while browsing with this phone.

The interesting part about this phones messaging is that it does not only store SMS or MMS, it also pull messages from Gmail or Yahoo. Messages appeared like a conversation. People with big fingers would have a hard time typing using the QWERTY keyboard but other than that the keyboard is still able to send out messages quite smoothly.

Camera is 5 Mp with fixed focus but has no secondary camera and also flash so this can be a disappointment. Picture quality is average because some of it would appear to be washed out or the color is not balance at all. Video recording is available also but user would experience a not so clear visual or pixelated video. Overall the camera function of this phone is below average.

Video playback is not a problem at all for this small phone because of the fast processor speed. Users would enjoy smooth video in MP4 format. On the other hand, the music interface is just like any webOS smartphones. This phone plays music but the sound quality is not so good. During maximum volume, the speaker would be blurred and cracking sounds could be heard.

This phone has also some interesting features like Bluetooth V2.1, A-GPS, and document viewer. There is also a dedicated mic with noise cancellation and voices can be heard clearly. Battery life is average. Talk time is up to 6 hours and 300 hours for standby time after a full charge.


Pros and Cons
HP has released such a compact phone but the speed is can match even to its predecessor the HP Palm Pre 2 plus navigation trough the phone is easy so it’s a good point.

Cramped up keyboard, weak battery life and slow network can be somewhat frustrating for a user who would like to use their phones to browse internet.

If you are an average user and a fan of small compact phones then this is the phone for you.

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